Enclosure (For Dry type transformer and Compact Substation)

Salient Features:

The Enclosure made to meet each and every requirement of customers conforming to various standard(s).
Facility to make enclosure minimum 100-150 Nos. per Month.
Average Delivery Time: 15-30 Days
Designed by experienced & expert engineers, using most modern software.
Painting/Powder coating to be provided as per customer requirement(s).
Material: M.S., SS, Aluminium or per customize requirements.
We, Micro Mech Engineers manufactures custom enclosures. Whether it is a simple control box or a custom control panel with detailed cut-outs, accessories and paint color/finish, we design and Manufacture Enclosure(s) accroding to customer specification(s)/requirement(s) and paint it in house.

The Enclosure can be supplied to various degrees of protection. Enclosure rating of IP 21 to IP 33 are common and protection up to IP 66 is also available for extreme conditions and flameproof applications.